Fancy meeting a foot-long centipede or a spider the size of your dinner plate!  TV presenter Jess French will be joining us at the zoo to tell us all about the weird and wonderful world of insects!

Where: Madagascar Basecamp

Time: 11am

Join Jess, a passionate zoologist, naturalist and entomologist, for an interactive reading of her new book Minibeasts, where she will dive headfirst into the breath-taking world of invertebrates to explore their unbelievable adaptations and evolution.

Learn about the perfect co-evolution of nectar-drinking insects and the flowers they pollinate and discover how minibeasts mate, fight, hide, collaborate, evolve and survive in the most extreme conditions.

This event is free to attend, but normal zoo admission applies.

Jess is well-known for her Cbeebies series Minibeast Adventure with Jess. She has also appeared on BBC’s Springwatch, Deadly Mission Madagascar, Live and Deadly and Sir David Attenborough’s Micromonsters 3D.