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Suitable for all ages and abilities, a zoo-wide game for visitors will take place on 14, 16, 21 & 22 February from 10am. Imagine a massive game of non-contact tag, hide-and-seek and rock, paper, scissors all rolled into one and played over 125 acres of Chester Zoo!

Call at the #PredvPrey base near the entrance to the monkey house by the main entrance (where the Predator vs Prey banner is displayed) between 10am and 11.30am to receive a very quick introduction, and then enjoy trying to catch or avoid being caught by your family, friends and other visitors as you make your way around the zoo!

Will you survive the whole day as a prey without being caught, or will you finish as the top predator? Keep us updated by using the hashtag #PredvPrey

Scoring takes place from 2pm in the same spot that you received your induction, with a deadline to hand in your score by 3pm! Come back between these times to see if you are in our top five predators, or to let us know you survived as a prey!

Please note there are no prizes – just pride and excitement!

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