We have put together our very own playlist, full of all your favourite animal themed songs.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think. Obviously, there is some catchy Disney in there (who doesn’t love Disney?) but we’ve also added some pop, rock, reggae and more! Whatever your taste, we’ve got you covered.

Pick your tune of the day and share it with us using #letsplayatchesterzoo. Think we’ve missed off a really great song? Let us know! We’d love to give it a listen.

Spotify is really easy to use so take the playlist with you, wherever you want to play today. If you’re coming to the zoo, how about putting it on in the car. Have your very own car karaoke session.

Whenever we hear awesome music, we love to dance. We’re sure you do too! If our playlist gets you moving, send us a video of your best moves. Do you like to keep it simple with bit of a shuffle or mix things up with some breakdancing?