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Join us this EASTER and let your imagination run wild and help us bring animal stories to life through DANCE, MUSIC, ART and PERFORMANCE!

Surrounded by over 21,000 incredible animals and thousands of beautiful plants the zoo is full of INSPIRATION.

Inspired by some of our favourite animal tales, we’ve got a series of special playful events and activities to help get those creative minds wandering and inner storytellers exploring!  Help us create Stories to Save the World, let musicians take you to the tropical forests of Indonesia, practice your rhino ‘rock and roll’ and discover just What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday, plus LOADS MORE!

Immerse yourself in the different sights, sounds, colours and shapes of Chester Zoo.

Explore the site and discover more – from our series of PLAY! dates at the zoo or a daily dose of stories and activities you can do before or after your visit to the zoo. Download our PLAY! Stories map to find all the fun!

There are stories in EVERYTHING…
….how will you tell yours!

If you are struggling to remember how to play… ask your nearest child for help!

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We all have a favourite PLAY! Mate. They can come to the zoo too! Keep your eyes peeled for events and bring them along.

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