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Let’s get things straight… you’re never too old to have FUN! =D

Bring family and friends to PLAY! at Chester Zoo for a day full of giggles, laughter, fun and exploring!

No age restrictions apply and the more the merrier! 

Get practicing your animal impressions, hone your hide and seek skills and brush up on your eye spy clues.  We’ll be hippity-hopping, skipping, balancing, climbing, jumping and having a fantabulous time!

There’s sooooooo much to discover in our brand new PLAY! space that’s been lovingly created by our PLAY! experts. If you’re feeling brave, climb to the very top of our HUGE 30ft baobab tree slide and then slippy slide allllll the way back down to the ground.

And why walk to see the animals when you could hop, skip or jump? Walk like an elephant, leap like a lemur or balance like a gibbon? There’s fun to be had all around the zoo and we want you to PLAY! on the way!

Even the rain won’t dampen our spirits; we’ll just put on our wellies and jump in as many puddles as we can.

Download our PLAY! map to find all the fun > (pdf)

Explore the site and discover more – from our series of PLAY! dates at the zoo or a daily dose of fun facts, jokes and crafts.

So what are you waiting for?

Ready or not…
….now is the time to come and PLAY! at Chester Zoo!

If you are struggling to remember how to play… ask your nearest child for help!

New Madagascar PLAY! space

There’s sooooooo much to discover in our brand new PLAY! space that’s been lovingly created by our play experts.

If you’re feeling brave, make a big splash in the dry river bed or explore all your amazing senses in the play area. Play hide and seek in our Madagascan grasses. After all of that, chill out and have a bite to eat in our picnic nests.

Find out more here.

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